Beauty of photography

On this topic, I will be analyzing three photography composition rules which are: rule of third, leading lines and depth of field. I will also include the photos that I have taken to further explain the above rules.

Rule of Thirds:

The rule of third is described as placing important parts of the image on a point where the horizontal and vertical lines intercept. The image above meets the criteria and that’s why I used it for this example.

Photo by  Vishal Toshiwal 



Here is an example of a picture taken by me to further explain rule of third


Leading Lines:

Leading lines occurs when we have  straight, curvy or zigzag path. The image I used has a straight path and it seems like you are walking towards the moon.

Photo by Brookie Wilbur




Depth of Field:

Depth of field has to do with focusing the main subject of interest on your image. You want to draw your audience to a particular image and then blur the other parts. The image I used focused on the bird and where it was standing .

Photo by Prathap




The beauty of art using topography


The above image is gotten from the “ website.” The design of the image was inspired by a talk given by Sister Carol M. Stephens where she teaches about the the power of hope.

TypeFace #1



The highlighted image is a script. The reason it fit into this category type is how it seem like a script that was hand printed. If closely looked it appears it has be written withh a calligraphy pen.

TyperFace #2

San Serif:

The highlighted portion is San Serif because the characters don’t have any visible thick/thin transition in the strokes. Each character has a form that is same thickness.

The element that makes the two type faces contrast is the “Structure” They both have different structure that’s what make them unique and easily differentiated.

both type faces makes it easy for us to read the message on the image. It’s important to use different type faces to make your work smooth and easy for people to read.