Beauty of photography

On this topic, I will be analyzing three photography composition rules which are: rule of third, leading lines and depth of field. I will also include the photos that I have taken to further explain the above rules.

Rule of Thirds:

The rule of third is described as placing important parts of the image on a point where the horizontal and vertical lines intercept. The image above meets the criteria and that’s why I used it for this example.

Photo by  Vishal Toshiwal 



Here is an example of a picture taken by me to further explain rule of third


Leading Lines:

Leading lines occurs when we have  straight, curvy or zigzag path. The image I used has a straight path and it seems like you are walking towards the moon.

Photo by Brookie Wilbur




Depth of Field:

Depth of field has to do with focusing the main subject of interest on your image. You want to draw your audience to a particular image and then blur the other parts. The image I used focused on the bird and where it was standing .

Photo by Prathap




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